Monday, September 20, 2010

Official Chicago Marathon Program (page 20)

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We've got a full-page article about the film in the Official Program of the 2010 Chicago Marathon, published by "Chicago Athlete" magazine. I happened upon it by accident while I was waiting to meet the Executive Director of the Chicago Area Runners Association in his office today. I knew that an article would be published in the Program but thought it would be just a small blurb. Imagine my surprise seeing this big spread when I didn't expect it to even be out yet :) 

When this article went to press, three of our four athletes were scheduled to run Chicago and attempt to qualify for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Marathon Team Trials. However, as is the case when filming a documentary, the story can change from day to day. If I could script it out, all of the girls would qualify for the Trials and there would be five spots on the U.S. Olympic Marathon team. (including one for Tera Moody!) As of today, which of our ladies will be doing the Chicago Marathon is unconfirmed. Unfortunately, Christina pulled her hamstring last Sunday during a planned 20-miler and is uncertain about her ability to qualify in Chicago. We're all rooting for a quick recovery for Little C by 10/10/10! Due to where she is in her training cycle, Beth has decided to save her attempt for a late winter or spring marathon, while Alona has elected to postpone a qualifier for a date TBD. I am not sure what Claudia's plans are but should know soon. Anything can happen when you're following a group of elite athletes, so stay tuned!

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