Thursday, December 22, 2011


Our shoot at the California International Marathon on 12/4/11 was a success, thanks to you, our fans! Because of your support of this film, we were able to get to Sacramento to witness 25 women from around the U.S. qualify for the Olympic Trials within a 4 minute window before the qualifying time cutoff! It was an emotional and astounding moment for everyone. With additional pledges to our Kickstarter Campaign, we're now able to travel to Houston to follow these women at the Trials on 1/14/12!

Kate DeProsperis congratulating fellow Olympic Trials Qualifier,
Victoria Russell. [Photo: Lezlie Sterling]
This has been a tremendous two-year journey, not only for all of the women who have trained relentlessly with this goal in mind but also for this producer. As a fan of distance running, there has been no bigger thrill for me than being able to travel around the country following our “Miles & Trials” women and meeting so many wonderful athletes, race organizers and volunteers. 

Thank you again for ALL of your support of this little grass roots, independent film. See you on the roads! 

 Wendy Shulik, Producer


  1. What great news! Can't wait to see the finished product down the line! Have fun filming in Houston!

  2. I will have the honor of being in Houston and can't wait to see such a group of incredible, strong women showcasing their hard work!