Friday, February 17, 2012

Life on the Run... From Law Enforcement!

After beginning filming on "Miles & Trials" in early 2010, we are about to begin the daunting task of going through two years worth of footage and head into post-production so we can get this film out there in the world! We have over 40 hours of high definition video to go through. The fun part of this is reliving some of the more memorable moments following fast women around the country, and watching some of the crazy things our cameras caught.

One of those moments was this spontaneous story from Elite marathoner, Leah Thorvilson of Little Rock, Arkansas who competed in the Olympic Trials. Here she is blowing off some steam the night after the Trials at a bar in Houston. She had a hilarious story to tell us about the time she was... well, I'll let Leah tell the tale:

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