Saturday, February 25, 2012

When Will "Miles & Trials" Be Released?

Many of you have asked, “When will ‘Miles & Trials’ be released?” Well, that depends...

We have over two years worth of footage to organize and edit — nearly 50 hours of video! Like the women in our film, this female Producer has tried to do it all but it’s time to ask for your help. The film is nearly finished, and we need your assistance to cover the post-production costs of editing, color correction, music rights and distribution. Thanks to you, our fans, we have managed to travel to marathons across the U.S. and film this documentary for just under $20,000, most of which was raised through donations to our Film Fund.

RELEASE DATE: As of now, we’re looking at release in July/August 2012 but again, that depends on whether or not we can get the funding to meet that timeframe.

STAFF: We’ll need to hire an Associate Editor who can assist with organizing the footage, color correction and sound design to help craft our story into something powerful. 

EQUIPMENT: We’ll still need to purchase media to store all of the footage and need to purchase or rent equipment to continue the ongoing post-production process.

MUSIC: Music composition and/or licensing to add emotion and punch to the soundtrack.

LICENSING: Although “Miles & Trials” is about finding one's inner strength, having big dreams and the tenacity to go after them, we’ve also focused on our athletes’ journeys to qualify for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials. For us to be able to incorporate the some of the video we shot in Houston, we’ll likely have to pay to license our footage.

DISTRIBUTION: Your contribution will help us produce DVD’s, submit “Miles & Trials” to film festivals and begin the distribution process. Any additional funds will help us reach more and more people, and work towards our ultimate goal of getting this film into the world.


Simply put, we want this film to reach as many people as possible! “Miles & Trials” is a film with a universal message of tenacity and willpower, taking place on the roads and the track but carrying over into all aspects of life.  We believe “Miles & Trials” is a story that will inspire everyone who sees it. If you’d like to donate to our Post-Production Fund, please visit our website and click on the “Donate” button. With your help, we can reach the finish line!

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